Fatima David Accreditation has a team of world-class consultants who are experts in PCMH and PCSP, Nursing, Pharmacy, Care Management, and Clinical Operations. We’re committed to providing a hands-on approach to help your practice achieve the accreditation it deserves.

About the Executive Director, Fatima L. David, RN

Fatima David Headshot

Fatima L. David, Registered Nurse, is a highly experienced and dynamic professional. She is committed to providing expert consulting services in the areas of design, operation, and accreditation of ambulatory surgery facilities, as well as certification of medical practices across the nation including the U.S. Virgin Islands.

She has been a Registered Nurse for the past 30 years and has held various positions starting from a Staff Nurse, Nurse Manager, Director of Clinical Operations, and most recently as a Director of Nursing in an ambulatory setting of a major medical foundation. Her extensive experience working in the operating room led her to be passionate about patient safety and high quality health care.

Achieving accreditation and certification status is a major accomplishment for an organization. It is a reflection of the dedication of an organization’s staff and its leaders. Healthcare today is fragmented, complex, and costly. Fortunately, healthcare is moving towards a patient-focused mindset, where providers communicate and collaborate with one another to enhance the clinical outcome. To help navigate these difficult steps, Fatima’s expertise and hands-on approach ensures organizational success.